OK-3 Retreat
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When your life needs a billion stars,
a quiet meadow, and a secluded creek
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About Us

Lori and Robert would be happy to have you as guests to this special place we call home.  The property was purchased in 1994 after Robert retired from a career as a Naval Aviator.  Lori was born and raised in Fredericksburg and knows the area well.  Robert grew up in South Texas and has always had a fondness for Kerrville and the surrounding area.

Deep in the scenic and historic Texas Hill Country, the OK-3 has many features that make the Hill Country special such as various varieties of trees including Ashe Juniper ("cedar") and oaks, ancient limestone cliffs, and a cool, clear, spring-fed creek. "Nott Branch" creek flows year round through the property and joins with a number of other creeks and watersheds in the area to form the headwaters of the Pedernales River.  This ideal combination of features was favored by early Native Americans such as the Apache and Comanche as well as those travelling the nearby Great Western Cattle Trail.

The OK-3 is also home to many permanent and seasonal animals such as whitetail deer, axis deer, raccoons, squirrels, armadillo, possum, fox, ringtail, feral hogs, and bats.  Bird species include turkey, hawks, ducks, cardinals, doves, woodpeckers, owls, hummingbird, heron, and the Golden-cheeked warbler.

We welcome you and will do our best to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.  So while here, be sure to take the time to relax, observe the scenery and nature, breathe in the fresh air, gaze up at the clear, starry night skies, and enjoy the quiet and solitude as we do - there's nothing better.

Why is it called the OK-3?

Aircraft landings on Navy aircraft carriers are graded for competition and for tracking pilot proficiency.  The highest grade is an "OK" underlined.  A number following a dash denotes the arresting cable (or "wire") that was caught during the shipboard landing or "trap."  Usually, the "target wire" is the 3-wire so the best possible grade combination is an "OK-3" - there's nothing better.  The Collier's considered this to be the perfect name for this beautiful piece of property.

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